Backup your ProxySG completely

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If you want to make a backup of a Blue Coat ProxySG there is a single command to get the full configuration plus policy files plus unencrypted keys.

It goes like this:

  1. Open a serial console or SSH session and go to Enable mode.
  2. Make sure you log you terminal session (output) to a file.
  3. Then issue the command show configuration expanded noprompts with-keyrings unencrypted

The command will NOT expand so you have to type it in full.

It looks like:
Blue Coat ProxySG>ena
Enable Password:
Blue Coat ProxySG#show configuration expanded noprompts with-keyrings unencrypted
!- Version: SGOS SWG Edition
!- Serial number: XXXXXXXXXX
!- Local time: 2013-11-26 13:55:17-00:00UTC
!- BEGIN networking
interface 0:0 ;mode

!- END policy
!- BEGIN general
line-vty ;mode
length 68
width 206
!- END general
Blue Coat ProxySG#exit

I have a bug report out with Blue Coat as the import does not generate the ICAP request services correctly.

You need to clean up the output just a wee bit before you use it to restore on another unit.

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